Wilson Staffing Network offers a complete staffing service   
that specializes in cost effective
Domestic and International
recruitment to hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, home
health, and other health care facilities.   We provide short and
long term assignments of nurses, and allied health
professionals.  With our multi-faceted services and custom
programs, Wilson Staffing Network has the unique ability to
address the particular needs of each client and specially tailor
a solution to meet their individual requirements.  Our goal is to
work closely with our clients to eliminate all of their staffing
worries.  With over twenty years experience in the industry, our
dedicated and knowledgeable staff provides our client’s
facilities with the most qualified candidates and just the right
personnel –

                                a perfect fit!
Put your worry's in our hands
Wilson Staffing Network will work diligently to offer permanent solutions to your staffing needs, allowing you to
provide continued care in your facility and concentrate on the day-to-day operations, regardless of census fluctuations.
Our innovative program works by providing immediate, short term solutions to fill vacancies that exist now, while
working to find the permanent personnel to stay with your facility and become part of your team.   We can address all
of your needs by offering domestic and international qualified nurses, and allied health professionals, eliminating the
need for you to look to several different companies.  
Partnering with Wilson Staffing Network means that you have the advantage of our vast professional recruiting
experience, and access to our direct knowledge of the healthcare industry. Together, we will be perfectly
positioned to meet all of your staffing challenges.
Domestic Recruiting                                                                                                                                         International Recruiting
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