Wilson Staffing Network has the advantage of having significant resources from which to draw qualified and
experienced overseas nurses and allied health professionals to recruit from.  
International Recruitment
Domestic Recruiting                                                                                                                                         International Recruiting
Foreign professionals have a vested interest in
performing their duties at a higher level of
performance because their visa’s are contingent
with their employer’s willingness to provide the
visa petition.
Employers who petition foreign professionals
enjoy less employee turnover.  To further ensure
the commitment of our applicants, contract
options are made available.
Foreign registered nurses are eager to work for
employers in the United States regardless of
the facility’s location and shift assignment.
Foreign countries provide a fruitful source of
applicants needed in the health industry.
Foreign applicants possess at least a BSN degree,
and have a minimum of one year of experience in
the industry.
Foreign applicants are fluent in English, and have
passed credential evaluation and certification
processes accredited by the U.S. Government.
Qualified and experienced applicants are eager to
relocate to your facility to work full-time
positions, and are eligible to take the license
International Advantage - Recruiting nurses and allied health professionals from abroad can seem a little
overwhelming, but this is Wilson Staffing Network’s specialty. We have personally interviewed, hired, and processed
the brightest and best healthcare professionals in the world who are eager to work in the American medical industry.
These professionals are currently practicing in the countries in which professionals are currently practicing  in the
countries in which they reside, and most hold a bachelor’s degree in  Nursing. Although they will require thorough
orientation in order to acclimate to the American hospital setting, the advantages to hiring foreign nurses and allied
health professional far outweigh the costs involved in the orientation process. THEY ARE NOT STUDENTS.  Most of
these professionals have extensive experience in their field and are looking to restart their lives in a new place.  
THEY ARE NOT TRAVELERS.  They are the answer to your staffing challenges.  The turnover rate is far less with
foreign nurses and allied health professionals than with short term contract or even domestic permanent placement
The Multi-Cultural Candidate - Fill your core staffing needs by hiring overseas nurses from the London, UAE, Peru,
Korea, Puerto Rico, Canada, Philippines, and elsewhere, who are eager to relocate in America. Most international
nurses speak a minimum of two languages and can communicate well with patients, doctors, and colleagues from
around the world. Before working in the United States, they are required to pass English competency tests. In addition,
WSN offers pre-departure workshops that focus on the distinct cultural differences between American and foreign
nursing. Our Director of Nursing is an RN from the Philippines and has a special insight to the culture and needs of our
Support and Selection - Wilson Staffing Network concentrates on support for our clients before, during and after the
nurses; process to ensure they are successful at your facility. WSN will set up workshops for your nurse managers to
help prepare them for the challenges of orienting nurses from overseas. Once we determine the nurses you are
looking for, we will provide you with a complete Candidate Profile Packet on each nurse. You select the nurses you
would like to interview. WSN will set up interviews with your nurse managers and the candidates. You can choose to
interview through telephone, video conference or face-to-face in the country from which you are hiring. We will
process your contract with each selected nurse and begin the education process.
Direct Hire: Your Nurse - Direct hire nurses are your nurses! Candidates are petitioned directly to the hospital through
USCIS. They cannot be switched or moved to another client during their processing. The international nurse will begin
to establish a permanent relationship with the hospital from the beginning of their process. From the start, they are
making a long-term commitment to your facility. When the nurse works directly for you, the hospital has more control
over pay and benefits, leading to a stronger working relationship and higher retention. SAVE MONEY! Not another
contract position; you are filing core staff needs with permanent solutions.