Our Recruiting Program is the key to enhancing your revenues, containing costs,
and ensuring your facility’s success!
Wilson Staffing Network offers an agency relationship committed to service-oriented management, integrity, efficiency,
and cost-effectiveness. WSN provides a total package of healthcare recruiting solutions by providing direct-hire, long-
term and short-term placements for both domestic and international nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist,
and allied health professionals.  We assist in developing direct-hire and contract options to lengthen or decrease
assignment periods, according to our Clients’ needs.  WSN offers full management support to our clients in recruiting
domestic or international healthcare professionals.  
We recruit for success - Wilson Staffing Network understands the importance of hiring and retaining qualified medical
personnel.  Our experienced recruitment staff will discuss your hiring goals, and  specific skill requirements enable us
Save time and money - Our Clients recognize the time necessary to invest in hiring the most qualified personnel to fill
their open positions.  This investment creates the quality care within their facility.  Choosing to work with Wilson
Staffing Network will
Once we enter into a partnership, you will immediately start seeing profiles of experienced medical personnel;
thereby, offering you choices in reviewing potential candidates for your openings.  WSN's high standards in recruiting
mean that the potential candidate to fill your facility’s needs have been through our Premium Screening Process of:

  •    Checking professional references
  •     Previous employment history
  •     A current skill checklist
  •     Verification of licenses
  •     National background clearance
  •     Educational requirements
  •     Successful completion of a 10-panel urine drug screen  (excluding Direct Hire)
  •     Requirement of one-year overall experience

Wilson Staffing Network also offers 24 hour-contact and support. Our on-call service guarantees that our staffing
managers are always ready to respond to any after-hours staffing situation that may develop.

Domestic Recruiting                                                                                                                                         International Recruiting
Domestic Recruitment
find the most comprehensive match for your facilities needs. As well, we offer continued support after placement, to
ensure your expectations have been met.
will increase the exposure of your open positions.
International recruitment - Wilson Staffing Network's specialty. For you facility's long term solutions, WSN offers the
opportunity of hiring a large number of qualified international nurses.