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Wilson Staffing Network/Orion Medical
Staffing understands that the United
States Immigration Process is quite
lengthy and often stressful. We
recognize that our candidates cases
are personal to them. We also
recognize that no two cases are the
same. We work very close with our
candidates and clients and we involve
them in every aspect of the process.
Immigration Services
In order to maintain the high standards and the level of high quality services that our
In order to maintain the high standards and the level of high quality services that our
clients and candidates have come to expect from us, we work very closely with our
attorneys on each and every case. Put your worries in our hands and we will walk
you through every step of the process.
Wilson Staffing Network/Orion Medical staffing is an International and Domestic
direct hire and staffing company providing short term and long term assignments for
nurses, physicians and allied health professionals. With our multi-faceted services
and custom programs WSN/OMS has the unique ability to address the particular
needs of each client and specially tailor a solution to meet their individual
requirements. We work closely with our clients to eliminate all of their staffing
worries. With over twenty years experience in the industry our dedicated and
knowledgeable staff provides our clients facilities with the most qualified candidates
and just the right personnel.
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